Thursday, 23 November 2017

Thrifted Thursday - recent frugal charity shop finds

As an antidote to Black Friday, and on a different day, here are my recent finds from my local charity shops.  It's a little home wares haul this time, and all the pieces are already being loved and used in my house. 

Even with charity shop visits, I have started a process of not buying something I like there and then.  Regardless of how inexpensive it might be, it's still a waste of money if you buy on impulse, and that item just becomes another unit of clutter.  So I spotted all these items on the first trip round the shops, but left it till the next day to go back and buy them. 

This way, if I've forgotten about something I've seen, then I can't have wanted it that badly in the first place.  If an item has been sold by the time I get back to the shop, then the decision is taken out of my hands.  If I go back in search of something, and it's still there, and I'm sure I'll use/enjoy it, then I'll go ahead and buy my thrifty little treasures. 

So this time round, I got:

1) A couple of plant pots.  Their simple, minimal designs caught my eye, and they were under £2 each. 

2) A ceramic pot with a lid, which says Le Bain on the front.  As the name suggests, I've put it to use in the bathroom, to store cotton buds and cotton face pads. It cost £3.

3) The candle dish that the red candle is sitting on, which was £1.

4) And finally, a plate, originally from M&S, for £3.99.  I loved this complex peacock pattern at first sight, and I'm using it as a decorative item rather than as a dinner plate.  It would do as a serving plate if I was ever to find myself in need of making canap├ęs available to guests (not something that happens very often...).

So that's my haul.  No Black Friday stress, no need to trouble the overdraft, and I've given a little bit of cash to charity into the bargain.  It's all good...!

Monday, 13 November 2017

T K Maxx - cruelty-free (small) haul

I went to Edinburgh recently for a day trip to meet up with an old friend.  Whilst I was waiting for her bus to get in, I nipped into T K Maxx for a little stock up. I've run out of Dr Bronners, and normally they have loads in, but not this time.  Never mind,,,!

What I did get was...

... a lovely big bottle of shampoo by Alba Botanica, who are certified by Cruelty Free International.  There were a number of different scents available, but this is the gardenia version - it smells quite pungent and floral, but not to the point of being unpleasant.  It is free of artificial colours, parabens, phthalates, and harsh sulphates.  This is a 946ml bottle for £9.99, so pretty good value. 

I like to buy a litre or so at a time so it will keep me going for ages.  The only small concern is that, if I've not tried the product before, it might not be good for my scalp.  This has happened before - I got a lovely big bottle of shampoo home, only to find that it made my head itchy.  The answer was just to use it as shower gel instead.  It did a great job, and none of it went to waste. 

I also got the Deep Sea Spearmint toothpaste by Jason,  Again, I haven't used this product before, but I like it.  It tastes less sweet than my usual Superdrug own brand toothpaste, but it's still minty and fresh.  I can't get used to toothpastes that don't taste of mint - just seems wrong somehow.  It cost £3.99, which isn't cheap, but this is a 170g tube, so it's quite a but bigger then the Superdrug stuff.  It's certified bunny friendly, and is also free of a long list of undesirable ingredients. 


Finally, I got three pairs of bamboo socks for £4.99 from a brand called Glenmuir.  At my local health food shop, the bamboo socks can be pricey, so I was happy to find these!

Hopefully, the Dr Bronners will be back on my next visit...

Friday, 3 November 2017

FatFace achieves cruelty-free certification

This week, fashion store FatFace has received leaping bunny certification for its whole cosmetics and toiletries range.  I have to say that I didn't know they had cosmetics or toiletries, but nonetheless, it's great to know that one more CF option will be easily accessible and available on the high street.  I noticed on their website that they do not use down in their clothing, which is another plus. It's true that every little helps... :)

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Lumie Bodyclock - review

A few years ago, I reviewed the Lumie Bodyclock, which is a dawn simulator alarm clock.  With the clocks going back this weekend, I though I'd provide a link to the original review.  My Lumie is still going strong, and I use it all year round, not just during the winter.  There have been no problems or glitches with it, and I've probably had to change the bulb once since I got it.  For me, it is still worth every penny it cost.  When I'm away from home, it's quite strange waking up to darkness without it.  The original review is here:

Since my original review, a very cute children's version called the Bedbug has come out, which you can find here.  Lumie now offer a 45 day trial so you can give it a go, but it's hard to imagine anybody being disappointed with this great product.  If you struggle to wake up to dark winter mornings, it could just be the answer.