I'm not sure exactly which direction this blog will take - hopefully it will evolve over time, and become what it wants to become.

There have been a couple of false starts.  A while ago, I started a blog about cruelty-free beauty, which I love.  But I found myself spending lots of money on products to review, and ending up with stuff I didn't need or use.  It was expansive and wasteful, and it wasn't a direction I wanted to take.

At the minute, my focus is on decluttering my space, to clear room for more important things.  Beyond that, I want to make life more simple, more sustainable, more productive, and more dynamic, and hopefully the blog will reflect this.

About me:  I live in Northumberland, I'm 46, I'm a civil servant.  I have a partner and a cat, but no children. 

Thanks for reading!


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